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I'm black, I'm queer, I'm cis, I like sci fi


Dominique Mornyang for Elle South Africa

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Maude White Paperwork

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Maude is the owner of the paper art and handmade felt jewelry company Brave Bird Paperwork & Jewelry.  She feels that her paper work is strongly influenced by such great illustrators as Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham and Gustave Dore. Her paper illustrations have been featured in the New York City based fine arts magazine Carrier Pigeon. She has work from the current issue of Carrier Pigeon on display in Downtown Manhattan.

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D.I.Y. Avocado + Banana +Olive Oil + Honey = Hair Mask - Summer Hair Care 

I made this concoction last week and had great results - So I decided to do it again for Youtube this time. This is one of the many ways I care for my hair/skin naturally during the Summer. This is for anyone who might want to give their hair a yummy deep conditioning treatment. I encourage everyone (especially guys) to give this a try. As always thanks for watching.

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anytime I commit to something that requires me to wake up before 8am I’m like “why did I agree to this”

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I have a serious problem with being able to identify so well with old white women. 


I have a serious problem with being able to identify so well with old white women. 

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I’d have to skip town and start life anew if this shit happened to me.

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i hope you are ok and safe

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you’re telling me a chicken fried this rice?

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