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I'm black, I'm queer, I'm cis, I like sci fi


The fact that Coachella would choose ‘native aesthetics’ to co-opt and reproduce for the amusement of a largely white audience right on the doorstep of the Cabazon Indian Reservation just shows how little they consider NDN’s anything more than fiction or exotic history for the consumption of 20-something hipsters. 

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Eva Hesse “Ennead” 1966 x Jil Sander S/S 09


Eva Hesse “Ennead” 1966 x Jil Sander S/S 09

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Toni: I just think that if I had a little more here, and a little less there, I’d be perfect. Is that crazy?

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okay so I’m running out of work with two muffins and a slice of pizza because I’m running late to class and wont have time to eat and the annoying nerdy ass white girl I work with was like “Girl you know you’re not supposed to take food out!” loud enough for one of the managers to hear

bitch really? seriously? did she really pull some tattle-tail ‘teacher you forgot to take our homework’ type shit? 


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To Be Real

Chantal Regnault’s Ballroom Portraits

Chantal Regnault's portraits captured the emerging and vibrant ballroom scene in Harlem, 1989-1992.

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The Peculiar Kind takes a look at attitudes around Bisexuality amongst Queer Women of Colour in NYC.

Me I love this web series.

my life. I had to switch my okcupid from bi to gay cause a lot of women would not look for “bi women” : /

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Missing my dear friend, @lebeam


Missing my dear friend, @lebeam

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 ”In and Out of Fashion”, by Viviane Sassen


 ”In and Out of Fashion”, by Viviane Sassen

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I have work in 1 minute but I cant get out of bed 

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