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I'm black, I'm queer, I'm cis, I like sci fi


reblog for easter

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i dont want the d. i want the a. i want to pass this class

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I made seitan for my aunt and grandma and they’ve been obsessed all morning 

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#they've already eaten most of it and I think my grandma is gonna put some on her salad like a steak salad 
Store clerk:*Follows me around the store*
Me:Can you please stop, Im New Black
Store clerk:I'm sorry sir, I didn't know. How may I help you this fine evening?
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waking up at 5am to meet up in a large room full of black folks tearfully singing about someone who rose from the dead sounds kind of bizarre if you take it out of context 

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I just told my mom grandma and aunt the history of orientalism and why they shouldn’t refer to anyone as “oriental” 

it was interesting to see them go through stages of confusion, then inquisitiveness, then understanding, and finally my grandma saying “Ahh. Learn something new every day” 

on the last visit I told them how not all black folks are african american smh at least they’re willing to listen

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ughh my mamma’s gonna wake me up at 5am for freakin church in the morning I hate everything I shouldn’t have come for the weekend 

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#I want to run away from home  #I'm stressed 

I need a part time job that pays $20,000 per week.

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